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Before & After Spray Tan Care

Your SunFX Spray Tan

Your spray tan will be professionally applied in privacy and only takes about 5 min. You will immediately notice a complete natural looking tan that will continue to develop over the following 2 to 5 hours depending on which solution is applied. You can reasonably expect your SunFX tan to last for up to 5 to 7 days. To help keep your radiant glow as long as possible follow the before and after care tips below.


Before Tanning

To ensure that you receive maximum benefit from your SunFX spray-on tan, it is important that you exfoliate your body using our SunFX Body Polish prior to application. For best results, simply place a small amount of SunFX Body Polish on to a SunFX Exfoliating Glove or as an alternative use a damp wash cloth. Rub firmly over your skin when showering. Pay particular attention to any rough areas like knees, elbows, ankles, and the tops of your toes. Do not apply moisturizer, make-up or perfumes to your skin prior to getting your spray tan as this will reduce the effectiveness of your tan.


After Tanning

Once your tan is applied you must let it dry completely. We will make sure you are dry before you leave, but as a precaution, do not wet your skin for at least 2 hours after the tanning session. Showering the following morning is the best option.

We recommend that you do not exercise or perspire excessively between the tanning and showering phase. When showering do not be concerned if some of the initial bronzer washes off. This is a natural part of the tanning process and your skin will continue to tan.

Applying SunFX Tan Extender twice daily after showering will reduce the rate at which your skin exfoliates keeping your tan looking better for longer.

AVOID long baths, jacuzzis, long swimming sessions, and products used for skin exfoliation to help prolong the life of your tan.

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